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For the past seven years, SIT’N TALK has provided a forum to like-minded sports fans up and down the east coast on the Facebook social media platform. Originally designed as just a sports haven, we have blossomed into much more than just a Facebook forum. Often discussions focused on different matters, such as:  outreach, social issues, race relations, politics and economics have become more and more pressing. It seems only appropriate that we begin channeling the power of our numbers, outwardly.

SIT’N TALK is more than 1000 members strong. The time has come to make an impact not only amongst one another, but in our communities, our neighborhoods and our cities. There is tremendous power in what we have already built during the past seven years. Our members range from business owners, professionals, politicians, activists, community leaders, athletes and fathers. We believe its time we enter a new phase and turn this page collectively.

There is a newly formed SIT’N TALK Board of Directors and we are currently forming multiple committees. We’re looking for candidates within our membership to best fill these seats. We’re calling on the brightest and the diversely skilled members to step up to the plate to add your voice and expertise to grow our impact.  We hope that you can continue to dedicate any of your resources that may be beneficial to our mission. Particularly,  your time, energy and commitment to take our organization to the next level in our communities.
Ask yourself,
– Do you see yourself contributing to the Board or the committees?- What do you see yourself contributing?

– Can you nominate a group member for the Board or committee?

– What committees do you think we need to create and you are most interested in working within?

In the upcoming month, we will have two collaborative entities of SIT’ N TAlK leadership, the Board being the head and the committees being the body. It’s critical that we are transparent with what we can bring to the table. Naturally, we hope that many of you will want to play a bigger role, but those of you who do choose to apply and fill these positions must note that you have to be accountable to the responsibilities these positions will entail.

Please don’t stretch yourselves too thin. There is plenty to be done, but there are also plenty of us! If we can all play our parts, SIT’N TALK
becomes a well-oiled machine.I’m excited to further our mission collectively. If this message speaks to you and you’re interested in taking SIT’N TALK to the next level
please send an email to: with the following information:

1. Name (first & last)
2. Age
3. Location (City/Town/State)
4. Profession
5. Skills/Expertise

6. Committees of interest


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