Everything you need to know about NFL protests during the national anthem

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Everything you need to know about NFL protests during the national anthem

Donald Trump has been outspoken about protests during the national anthem before NFL games. Here’s what’s happening.
By Adam Stites Updated Oct 19, 2017, 11:37am EDT

In Aug. 2016, Colin Kaepernick sat on the bench while the national anthem played during a preseason game for the San Francisco 49ers.

It went unnoticed at first for two games before a photo from Jennifer Lee Chan of Niners Nation showed the quarterback sitting on the bench during the anthem in the 49ers’ third preseason game of 2016.

Kaepernick told the media he chose to sit to protest the oppression of people of color in the United States and ongoing issues with police brutality.

The former 49ers quarterback gave a rare interview in Week 5, with CBS’ Jason La Canfora. He talked about wanting to play still, his camp reaching out to the Titans (who ultimately went with Brandon Weeden) and why he hasn’t spoken out more as the protest and the controversy around them have continued.

More than a year later, the action taken by the quarterback has taken on a life of its own. Several players throughout the NFL joined Kaepernick’s cause — and when President Donald Trump took aim at owners for not firing players who kneeled — the conversation was renewed and reinvigorated, but with a different tone.

With pregame protests dominating much of the sports headlines, we want to do our best to answer any questions you might have:

FULL STORY HERE: https://www.sbnation.com/2017/9/29/16380080/donald-trump-nfl-colin-kaepernick-protests-national-anthem

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